Pesach @ PJC

Below you will find everything you need to have a meaningful and inspiring Pesach with PJC.


Sell Your Chametz

Click above for a sale of Chametz form. 

Rabbi Shaffer will be available to accept sale of Chametz forms on Sunday, March 25 (9-10 AM) & Tuesday, March 27 (8-9 PM).


Full Pesach Schedule

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Online Seder Preparation

Tuesday Night, March 27th - 9 to10 PM join our live-streamed Pesach Seder class - "10 New Ideas for You To Share at Your Seder"
Click here Tuesday evening to visit our PJC Virtual Classroom

Click here for a printable "10 New Ideas" cheat sheet to bring to your seder. 

Communal Mishna Study

Click above for more info. & to sign up. Siyyum will be made on Friday morning, March 30.


Ask Your Pesach Questions

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Pesach Prep. Resources

Click above to prepare for your seder, learn how to clean your home easily of chametz and much more!