Rabbi Shaffer will be collecting Matanot L’Evyonim, charity to enable impoverished Jews to participate in Purim 2019 until 3:00 PM on Purim Day. All proceeds will be distributed in Baltimore & Jerusalem.

Ta’anit Esther

Wednesday, March 20

5:58 AM: Fast Begins

7:48 PM: Fast Concludes

Purim Eve

Wednesday Evening, March 20

7:30 PM: Maariv followed by Megillah reading

9:30 PM: Second megillah Reading

Purim Day

Thursday, March 21

6:30 AM: Shacharit following by Megillah (approx. 7:10 am)

10:00 am: second Megillah reading


1:00 - 3:00 PM: Purim Open House at the Shaffer Home (3304 Lightfoot Drive) including the famous PJC Hot Dog Roller, smoked meats, sushi, tons of children’s entertainment and good times had by all!

Special Disclosure: the video below contains non-kosher food, and will take 25 minutes of your life you can never get back.

Watch at your own risk.


“It’ll be like an Olde Midway Party”