Friday, May 18

Shabbat Bamidbar

49 Day of Omer

7:00 PM Mincha

before 7:58 PM: Candle-lighting

Saturday, May 19

Shabbat Bamidbar  Erev Shavuot

49 Day of Omer

First Day Shavuot




9:00 AM: Shacharit (10:30 AM: Children's programming)

*A kiddush will be served following conclusion of services

8:05 PM: Mincha

Shiur (Rabbi Shaffer)

First Evening Shavuot

9:00 PM: Maariv

After 9:00 PM: Candle-lighting



12:00 PM - Midnight: All-Night Learning Begins - RSVP & Info. here

'The Houses the Ruth Built' - An evening in which we will imagine what if the world were different...

What if Jewish Conversion was up to us? 
What if we were to set immigration policies in Israel?
What if Moshiach came tomorrow? 

Ribs & Refreshments will be provided (RSVP for Ribs & Minyan). 

5:00 AM: Shacharit

Sunday, May 20

First Day Shavuot

5:00 AM & 9:00 AM: Shacharit (10:30 AM: Children's programming)

8:05 PM: Mincha

Shiur (Moshe Goldberg)

Second Evening Shavuot

after 9:01 PM: Candle-lighting

9:05 PM: Maariv

9:00 AM: Shacharit (10:30 AM: Children's programming)

Approx 10:30 AM: Drasha (Rabbi Shaffer) followed by Yizkor

8:10 PM: Mincha

Shiur (Dr. Daniel Fishkind)

8:55 PM: Maariv

After 9:02 PM: Havdalah

Monday, May 21

Second Day Shavuot